boutique hotel in vadodara

Benefits of Staying in A Boutique Hotel

In this modern age, we always look for different options and then select the one that is perfect for us and the same goes for people who travel, they also consider various things before traveling like where to stay, what to explore, what to...

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new cuisines

Why You Should Keep Trying New Cuisines?

There are many different cuisines of all around the world present at our nearest restaurants, so why not try new delicious dishes of different regions of the world? In fact, you should never leave the opportunity to eat new cuisines, and if you are...

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tips on buffet

How To Make The Most Out Of A Buffet?

Buffet system is a great way to enjoy the food because in a buffet system you will get to taste a variety of food and that too at a normal price and another good thing about buffet system is that you can eat food...

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Uttarayan special food offers at tarasuns hotel

Uttarayan Special Food

Uttarayan is the festival of kites but it is incomplete without food, and especially undhiyu. At the morning of 14 January people start climbing up to the terraces to fly kites and after some hours people eat their lunch with the family and the...

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Social Presence

At Tara Suns your vision is transformed into a magical reality. We believe in the fairytale wedding!!

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