Uttarayan Special Food

Uttarayan special food offers at tarasuns hotel

Uttarayan is the festival of kites but it is incomplete without food, and especially undhiyu. At the morning of 14 January people start climbing up to the terraces to fly kites and after some hours people eat their lunch with the family and the atmosphere is so exciting at that day that people forget everything else except kites & food. It is good to enjoy kite-flying at that day and give all the family members rest from cooking and let everyone enjoy that day in kite-flying and spending time with family members. We serve the best undhiyu in Vadodara and for all your food arrangements we have many special offers. 

Uttarayan special food offers at tarasuns hotel


Special Uttarayan Foods:

  • Undhiyu: Undhiyu is one of the most loved food by Gujaratis’ and as we said uttarayan is incomplete without undhiyu. Undhiyu is made up of different vegetables and thus it is very healthy and nutritious. Most of the people in Gujarat prefer undhiyu and puri on the day of uttarayan.
  • Chikki: Chikki is a sweet that is made from peanuts, there are many different types of chikki that is made from til or peanuts. Chikki can be made from jaggery as well as sugar. It is very light so it can be taken at any time and also people enjoy it very much. It adds taste to this festival.
  • Jalebi: Jalebi is one of the most favorite sweet dishes of the people of Gujarat. It is made up of flour which is deeply soaked in pure ghee and sugar syrup is added to it to add a unique sweetness to it. People love to consume it with fafda and some people also take it just raw.

These are only some of the special foods of uttarayan, there are many more.

Special offers by Tra Suns

Looking at the craze of the festival and food on uttarayan we have introduced many special offers on food that will add charm to this beautiful festival!

In our special offer, you can order a full meal which includes Undhiyu, Live kaju roll, Poori, Phulka, Ghee Rice, Gujarati Dal, Surti paneer tikka, Tossed Salad, Jalebi.

The pricing of the meal is as follows:

  • Meal for 2 at Rs.599
  • Meal for 4 at Rs.750
  • Meal for 8 at Rs.950
  • Meal for 10 at Rs.1199

Also, you will get free delivery within the 5 km radius area, so get the benefit of these amazing offers!

The aim of our special offer is to provide delicious and authentic food to the people so that they can get rest from cooking on the day of the festival and they can enjoy the festival at full.

We Tara Suns, are the best restaurant in Vadodara and we have decided to provide these amazing offers to the people of Vadodara. We will provide undhiyu in gotri and all over the Vadodara. In fact, you will get the whole uttarayan special meal. So, start booking your orders, and enjoy the delicious food on this amazing festival!

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