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wedding trends

Wedding is a very special occasion in everyone’s life…Right? And so you want your wedding to be very special where all your family & friends are present to witness this special event of your life. So, why not make your wedding by following some modern trends that catch everyone’s eyes, yes it is possible to catch the attention of people in your wedding buy practising some beautiful trends and making your wedding a worth-remembering for everyone, and especially for the bride & groom and their family members. There are many wedding halls in Vadodara that you can book to organize the wedding with these amazing trends.

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How To Choose Best Wedding Halls in Vadodara?

  • Theme Wedding Décor

You can have a theme wedding with decorative elements, there are many themes available like Bollywood theme, fairytale theme, colour-based theme, floral theme, etc and you can select the theme décor as per your wish. Book our amazing wedding hall where you can make these amazing wedding decors and add beauty to it.

  • Pre-wedding shoot

Pre-wedding shoot is very much in trend currently and it is worth it and also it will forever make a place in your gallery. You can go to some good places and can have a pre-wedding photo or pre-wedding video shoot or both of them and can add an event in your marriage. 

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  • Grand Entrance

You can also plan a grand entrance of bride & groom in the wedding to catch the eye of the people, you can do fireworks, play music or dhol in the background and just have an amazing moment in the wedding.


  • Wedding flash mob

This is a trend that you must try in your wedding as it is very unique and is very interesting also. Here, the flash mob stands with your guests unrecognizing and they suddenly will start dancing and it will give surprise to everyone and the people present at the wedding will be very happy and interested. It is seen that after the flash mob starts dancing, all the people present in the wedding also starts dancing, so it is a very cool thing to have in your wedding so you should definitely try this in your wedding. 

  • Designer wedding cakes

Designers wedding cakes are very unique and display creativity, these cakes are specially made as per the request and so you can order to make the cake of your design, these cakes are very appealing and eye-catching. 

  • Wedding Hashtags

Today we all are connected with each other on social media so you cannot ignore social media in today’s world. You can set a centric Hashtags for your wedding like the first letters of the bride and other letters of the groom or otherwise. For e.g. Deepika & Ranveer becomes #Deepveer so you can also make your hashtag and people on the social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook will wish you with that hashtag. It will be very cool stuff.

  • Bridal Shower

The bridal shower is a party organized for the bride-to-be and people can give them gifts to the bride over there and most importantly can have some fun in the party.  This event in the marriage will create good memories for everyone which lasts forever and ever. 

So, these are the wedding trends that can make your dream wedding very good and memorable. You must definitely try these trends at your wedding and create some amazing memories and make the wedding the best event and best day of your life. Just make sure, that for having these events you must book a good wedding hall or part hall so that your events can look beautiful and amazing.

We at Tara Suns hotel provide beautiful wedding halls in Vadodara and party hall in Vadodara which is perfect to make your wedding day the most special one.

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